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A Short History of Enclosure in Britain Published in The Land Magazine (Issue-7 - Summer 2009).


The Levellers, an introduction by Tony Gosling. Index to documents on the Levellers, land rights activists in the 17th century...


70th Anniversary of Kinder-Scout Mass Trespass - marked with an apology from the 11th Duke of Devonshire


An Enquiry into the Reasons for and against Inclosing the Open Fields Printed in 1767, a submission to 'The Members of the British Legisture' and 'all who have property in them' on the enclosures...


The Cries of the Neverborn, The Scottish Clearances
by Scott Robert Ladd. An essay on the Scottish Clearances from the 17th century to the present day...


Rural Resistance 1800-1914: Custom Community and Conflict in South Oxfordshire
by Kate Tiller
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John Clare and 'The Tragedy of the Enclosures'
Poems by John Clare 1793 - 1864, background by Dave Featherstone


Robert Ket and the Norfolk Rising 1549
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